Monday, May 3, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My last works RealU singapore

i wanted to share with you the wonderful works i have done in the past 2 years, unfortunately due to interllectual property rights, i cant show it. I have made dozens of cool characters and i enjoyed the process

Another compatition Arester WIP

this piece took me serval months of my weekends. It is still work in progress.

My painting-----LOL Fan art

These are my fan arts for League of legends
My lol ID is Wangwang ,US server.
lol offical forum post
My friend made a flash for me
Akali vs kat


Alistair and teemo








life drawing

I don't know if I should put these here. but I love them much. I will keep drawing when I got spare time.

Pontiff for my pleasure 2007

I made it for improving Zbrush and Mudbox .I tried to fouce on detail and skill of sculpture.

EndWar Xbox360 in Ubisoft Shanghai

I worked in Ubisoft shanghai for 3 years .I was the leader of character .I put a lot of energy and effort in the project . and learned a lot of experience about next-gen game . this game is RTS game ,but we keep the art quality much higher than usual RTS game . The game didn't sell well . the gameplay and story isn't good enough . anyway I am proud of being a unit of this game.

A 3D competition in 2003

This is for a competiton 2003, I took a lot of time on it. and learn a lot from it . lighting,rendering and material . even now I still like it .

Chinese Online-game project

I have worked in game industrial for almost 7 years . These two characters is made during the first several years in game industrail . they are online-games . qiut simple and effecient . all is painted in Photoshop .